Crypto Notepad 1.6.3 Crack

By | November 12, 2019

Crypto Notepad 1.6.3 Crack Plus Full Free Download

Crypto Notepad is a free and simple, notepad-like text editor for your Windows PC that encrypts saved files, where files are saved and loaded encrypted with AES algorithms. Crypto Notepad is a great free encrypted notepad software! Main interface is the similar as default windows notepad. For open/save file and other actions you can use menu or toolbar.

After first launch you will see a message asking you to take the salt from the MAC address, salt is using as the second encryption key. You will be able to change the salt in the settings. If you want decrypt your files in another PC, you need to use the same encryption parameters, this parameters also stored in Crypto Notepad.settings file, except main key that not saved anywhere.

Features and Highlights:

  • Drag and Drop support
  • Detect URLs and email links
  • Fully customizable editor. Able to customize the colors and fonts
  • Able to customize different parameters of the encryption (hash algorithm, key size, password iterations, salt)
  • Included all the features of the default Windows Notepad
  • Association with the application extension
  • Easily search through the content

It is often necessary to protect important notes in order to prevent them from being accessed by others, but text editors that offer encryption features are sometimes too complex for users who just want a secure Notepad alternative.

Crypto Notepad stands out through its relatively simple design, as it looks very similar to the standard Windows Notepad. It offers a few extra features, such as encryption and a customizable UI, but it remains lightweight and very easy to use.

Offers powerful encryption capabilities

When launched for the first time, the application gives you the option of using your MAC address as a “salt”, which is a second encryption key that can be changed at any time from the program’s settings.

All notes are secured using a password that is provided when saving the files, and you can customize various encryption settings, such as the hash algorithm, key size and the number of iterations.

Intuitive text editor that features a customizable UI

Crypto Notepad is very easy to use, as anyone who is familiar with the classic Windows Notepad should find its interface and features to be self-explanatory. It comes with a handy search function that highlights matches in the text, but it does not allow you to replace items.

From a visual standpoint, you can personalize the application to a great extent. Aside from changing the default font and text size, you can also modify the font and background color, as well as hide the toolbar.

Small, portable text editor for writing encrypted notes

In addition to being very lightweight, this utility can be run from any location without being installed on your PC beforehand. This means you can place it on a portable storage device and use it to create secure notes on the go.

On the whole, Crypto Notepad is a well-designed text editor suitable for any user who wishes to write notes that cannot be accessed by others. It features a Notepad-like but customizable UI, and it offers multiple encryption modes that can help you keep documents private.