Resilio Sync 2.7.2 (64-bit) Crack 2021

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Resilio Sync 2.6.2 (64-bit) Crack

Resilio Sync 64-bit formerly known as (BitTorrent Sync) allows you to sync files between all of your devices for free. It features sync unlimited files between your own devices, or share a folder with friends and family to automatically sync anything, file transfers are encrypted, and your information is never stored on a server in the cloud and your data is protected by private keys.

Resilio Sync is specifically designed to handle large files, so feel free to sync original, high quality, and uncompressed files. Protect yourself right now by downloading HMA! Pro VPN! Resilio Sync app is a fully rebranded BitTorrent Sync descendant. Resilio Sync is based on the same security and privacy principles as BitTorrent Sync. The core idea behind it is the same: keep your files safe, sync them fast. It has taken the best from BitTorrent Sync and added a few more further improvements.

Also, it allows you to synchronize data only one way, and also displays all connected devices and computers in a special tab “Devices” and shows the transfer of outgoing and incoming data. Users can also set the device name, change the port, and the maximum speed of sending and downloading data (counted in kB / s). Resilio Sync also works without problems with NAS servers.

Resilio Sync 2.6.2 (64-bit) Crack

Resilio Sync Features:

  • Device-to-Device File Transfer
  • Resilio Sync uses BitTorrent’s peer-to-peer technology to find the shortest path between devices when transferring data.
  • It doesn’t matter if those devices are in the same home or across the globe. This saves time, especially for massive files, and makes failed transfers a thing of the past.
  • Resilio Sync can also use local networks to move data even if the internet is down or unavailable.
  • Intelligent Synchronization
  • After you edit an existing file, Resilio Sync 64-bit knows how to update only the parts that have changed, rather than the entire file.
  • This makes moving data much faster, especially for large files.
  • Updates and changes are synchronized immediately and automatically. As you share a folder, each additional device makes sharing faster and can transfer data to any other peer.
  • You can pause syncing for specific folders or everything at once in situations where connectivity is limited.
  • Secure Links for Sharing
  • You can set expiration times for the links you create so the link is only active for a specific period of time.
  • If anyone tries to use the link after the period has expired, it will no longer work.
  • After sharing a link with someone, you can be notified when that link has been clicked and approve or deny access.
  • Note:
  • 30 days trial version. Limited functionality.

Resilio Sync 2.6.2 (64-bit) Crack

What’s New?

  • Security fix with btsync:// protocol
  • Fixed crashes when reading damaged database
  • Removed false positive “Cannot get a list of trackers” error message
  • It fixed joining multicasts on networks
  • Now fixed showing duplicated peers and devices on OS X
  • For fixed failure to save settings in WebUI sometimes
  • Fixed decrypting files on encrypted peer


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.8 or later
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