KOPlayer 1.4.1056 Crack Free Download

By | June 28, 2018

KOPlayer 1.4.1056 Crack Latest Version Full Free Download

KOPlayer 1.4.1056 Crack


KOPlayer 1.4.1056 Crack Latest Version Download

KOPlayer allows you to make use of a big screen, smooth operation, and “unlimited” storage options available by using a PC. The great thing about emulators is that you are able to fully enjoy the experience of Android, without having to own an Android device. With support for the Google Play store, your VM is compatible with all available apps; you can download, install and play any app on Google Play store in KOPlayer. If you want to, you can also manually install apps, as KOPlayer supports .apk files via drag and drop as well.

KOPlayer 1.4 is easy to install and run, and adding Android VM’s is a straightforward affair.  KOPlayer 1.4 is a forthright piece of software that makes it possible for you to take advantage of what the Android OSs to offer from your computer’s desktop. Subsequent to a typical installation process and upon first launching the emulator, you are required to log in using your Google account and password. As expected, you get access to all the usual goodies, including to the Play StoreAll in all, KOPlayer 1.4 is a well-executed software solution that provides you with all the advantages of Android, all enhanced by your computer’s extra processing power. The first time we launched KOPlayer after successfully installing it, it took a while before displaying the home screen. It gave us the opportunity to use an existing Google account or create a new one.

KOPlayer 1.4.1056 Crack


  • Title: KOPlayer 1.4.1056
  • File size: 368.37MB (386,265,864 bytes)
  • Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
  • Languages: Multiple languages
  • License: Freeware
  • Date added: June 26, 2018
  • Author: KO PLAYER Team

We loved playing games on crisper display on our large computer screen. Keyboard mapping allowed us to have streamlined control using the keyboard, not to mention the ability to connect a gamepad. In addition to playing games on a large screen, the program gave us the opportunity to record games as we played and save them as video files. What we have said so far may leave you thinking that all you can do with KOPlayer 1.4.1056 is play Android games.

KoPlayer is a powerful Android emulator that lets you enjoy all kinds of apps and video games from the smartphones’ and tablets’ favorite operating system, directly from your PC. The best part is that you can do so with a pretty surprising ease. One of KoPlayer’s best features is that you don’t need to configure anything. When the installation is done, you just have to open the emulator for the first time and everything will be ready to be used: you can start downloading apps, browse the internet from the emulator, play any video game, etc.

KOPlayer 1.4.1056 Crack

Key Features include:

  • Free-to-play downloadable content.
  • Crisp display options on larger screens.
  • Keyboard mapping brings streamlined controls.
  • Record and share gameplay.


KOPlayer is an intuitive Android Emulator that allows users to enjoy APK games on your computer. It takes advantage of a computer’s large screen, keyboard and other resources like high graphics. In addition, the software is compatible with external gamepads and controllers. Keyboard mapping allows you to streamline controls and use your keyboard. Record your games and share them with your friends.

KOPlayer 1.4.1056 Crack

What’s new?

  • Support Pokemon Go
  • Keyboard control to move anywhere you like
  •  Virtual GPS breaks the limitation of countries and without going out
  • Perfectly running steaming apps and other hot new games
  • Fix black block graphic problem in specific games
  • Solving Sticking at 99% while launching KOPLAYER
  •  Add customized mobile information, like IMEI, brand, phone number, etc.
  •  Add the customized number of the CPU core
  • New button at left toolbar to add apk files more easily
  • Reduce launching time while start KOPLAYER
  • Optimized graphics and operation
  • Fix other known bug

KOPlayer 1.4.1056 Crack

How To Install?

1: Click on Download Button.
2: Softwares Auto Download.
3: Open Download File.
4: Click on Install.
5: Follow The Instructions.
6: Thanks For Downloading.

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